Alvin Chevolleaux

Software Developer

I've worked in the software development field for many years now and in that time have been a part of several different projects. I've always been passionate about technology and this comes across in everything I do, I enjoy working with technology but I'm also interested in the wider business applications of what I do and helping to fully unlock the potential of any business I work with.

I've been working as a professional software developer for about 5 years but have over 10 years experience writing software. I am familiar with a number of different languages including PHP, JavaScript, Java and C++. My main focus, these days, is on web development; delivering solid back-end solutions and stunning front-end user interfaces. I'm also a Linux enthusiast and have built several servers and use AWS for many project deployments.

Recently, I've also provided consultancy services for small to medium sized businesses. Some of my consultancy services include standard security measures for the web, trends in cloud based technologies, API's and micro-services, front-end technologies and backend trends. With progress moving so fast in the software world, especially in the JavaScript scene, it's important to keep your systems up to date and increase your productivity and reach.

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